Happy Birthday to


happy birthday to us,

happy birthday dear


happy birthday to us!!!!! 

April 1, 2018 was our 20th birthday!!! 

Celebrating with Zoey, Jameson, Lola, Scarlet, Lucy, Hazel, Polly, Speedo and Captain. 

It's pawty time!  Come celebrate with us!!

 EAT PLAY SLEEP Pet Sitting is a professional, experienced and dependable pet sitting and dog walking service serving pets and their families since 1998

Vet and Obedience Trainer recommended!

Fully Insured and Bonded

Excellent References Available

Member of Pet Sitters International, PSI

Email address:  Info@EatPlaySleepPetSitting.com

Mobile Phone:  609-915-5508

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cat, bunny and bird sitting

LONG neighborhood WALKS

playdates and daystays


**All dogs must meet the following requirements: 


non-destructive, friendly to people and to other dogs and proof must be provided of being up to date on the required vaccinations including Parvo and Bordatella and must be spayed or neutered.  Exceptions will be made for young puppies.

Starting at $10 Potty Break
Are your love bugs pacing, peering out the window wondering when you will be home to relieve them? This service will surely pique your interest.  I will gladly stop by for 10-15 minutes any midday Monday through Friday for an outing with your pup in your neighborhood to let them do their business at a starting fee of only $10 for up to two dogs!!

Starting at $38 DAYSTAY****

 for up to 5 hours outside of your home 


$6 pickup fee and

$6 dropoff - NOTE: 3-5 hours when temps are extreme

Pups and their parents call this service absolutely PAWesome!!!  Your fur kids are happy, safe and


I am offering a full 5+ hours of exercising, socializing and snuggling!

Your pup can enjoy hours of playtime at Rosedale Doggie Park in Pennington New Jersey (with your approval)and join in on my scheduled daily dog walks with other dogs.

We also have fun with my latest addition called VISITING FUR GYPSIES!  

I bring my visiting pack all ready to exercise and socialize in yours or another fur client's backyard! 

Your DayStayer gets to enjoy a variety of activities! 

We also do visits to pet boutiques, Main Streets in Princeton, New Hope, Newtown, Shady Brook Farm and elsewhere for human socialization.  Whatever they desire, I am at their service. 

If your pup is older or not a "dog's dog" and looking for a more serene atmosphere they can enjoy a nice quiet DayStay at Casa Carmelina taking a stroll or two in my neighborhood, catching the breeze or indoors snuggled up on my comfy sofa.

Weather is too extreme, not cooperating?  Let's go indoors playing in my 

new 500 square feet 


HOUND ROOM full of toys and plenty of room to get a good romp on, minus the mud.  

DayStays have become so popular!  Join in and share the fun with your pup!!  Offer your fur kids a homestyle DayStay instead of the overcrowded public daycares lacking all the nature so loved by doggies.

My fur guests and their parents say there's nothing better than a homestyle DayStay filled with kisses, wagging tails, fun and love!  You and your pup will find this is the best place to make



contact me for pricing and details

  • Wakeup, Midday, Dinner and Bedtime Walks for your pup in your neighborhood starting at $20 for a 20-30 minute visit
  • Pet Care for your Purring Tigers, Fluffy Bunnies, Singing Feathered Friends are welcome starting at $20 for a 20-30 minute visit.  No extra fee for more than one tiger, bunny or feathered pet
  • Medications administered at no extra fee
  • Overnights a full 24 hours in my home for one dog.  Rates are $70 per night for average need dogs.  Pickup and drop off are included in rates.  A proper fit between your dog and my home lifestyle is paramount for a happy, healthy stay
  • I offer overnights in my home for your bunnies or other crated critters too at a reasonable $30 per overnight! 
  • Overnights in your home are welcome too starting at $75 for kitties and $90 for doggies 
  • Puppy housebreaking and leash training at no extra fee included in all puppy services
  • Socializing your dog with other people and other dogs
  • DayStays starting at $38 per dog for 5+ hours of exercising and socializing.  Add pickup fee which is $6 and dropoff fee is $6.   Let's get those tails waggin! If you wish, plenty of photos and videos will be sent to you so you can see what a fun, content day your fur kids have had
  • Undivided Attention DayStays in your home contact me for pricing and details
  • Visiting fur gypsies Playdates at your home with my fur pack for your doggy for 40-60 minutes starting at $40
  • Potty Breaks $10
  • Same Day Service Request? No problem, no extra fee
  • Home Checkup for: Package or Newspaper Deliveries, Home Safety Measures While You Are Away (gas leaks, flooding in basement, crime deterrent measures, check if electrical appliances are on)  starting at $10 per visit Monday through Friday midday 11am-2pm.  All other times is starting at $20
  • Additional services available when you are too busy to do so: Plant Care, Pet Food, Medication and Supply pickup from Vet or Pet Shop, Vet Appointment, Pickup from Kennel or Day Care Center, Supervise a service provider at your home, Poopy Do Removal, Grocery Shopping if you are ill or recovering from surgery or minor injuries, start up and run your car while you are away for long periods of time, drive you around town to run your errands while you are recovering from surgery and cannot drive yourself
  • Is there another service you are interested in that is not listed?  Let me know and I will try my best to accommodate you!
  • Fees are subject to change

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...I love my furry and feathered friends!